Aside from providing a professional working environment, creating a dynamic, creative and enthusiastic community, we will also walk beside you on the path to success.

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  • Welcome to COGO
    • Welcome to COGO

      CoGo - Coworking space built in accordance with international standards applies a special promotion - Up to 3 months free of rent for 12-month lease .
            - Full furnished Private Office.
            - Friendly Common space Dedicated Desk.
            - All CoGo centers applicable Hot Desk.

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      Be a part of our community!

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    • Elegant-style Office

      Working with your highest concentration in a minimalist, elegant-style office while boosting your creativity in an open and full of inspiration environment at CoGo.

    • Minimized Expenses

      Spend less! CoGo brings to you a fully equipped working space, a convenient pantry and even a much-needed napping zone

    • Variety of Locations

      With over 12,000 sqm of floor space, all in grade A, B+ office buildings located at prime locations in the city, CoGo can satisfy the diverse needs of all customers. CoGo members are free to choose an office or a meeting place at any location in CoGo network.



    • Distinct Eco-system

      With years of experience in entrepreneurship, CoGo’s team understand the difficulties the members scoping with. We are always beside to help with any issues in your company operations.

    • Sustainable Community

      To promote a strong sense of community, we focus on building connections between CoGo members. We promise to bring you a whole new experience of a perfect place to meet, exchange and connect with experts and potential partners in various fields.


    • Events

      CoGo members can join for sharing experience, gatherings, seminars on entrepreneurship development, financial management, human resources management, etc. with experienced experts.



    • Customer Centric

      Our motto is "Listening to is not enough, we must understand the customers’ needs to improve the service quality". You will experience the quality of service at CoGo.