Welcome to CoGo

    With more than 15 years of experience in operating Consumer Electronics Store chains (total 39 stores at 21 cities throughout Vietnam), our founders understand the problems and issues that customers scope with every day. CoGo Coworking space was born for that. At CoGo, we don’t just provide an office, we create a collaborative environment, a friendly community and we bring opportunities to all our members.

    Be a part of our community!

  • Welcome to CoGo

    Our Vision

    CoGo aims to become the largest and most fit Coworking community in Vietnam. CoGo will be the place where people come to connect, share opportunities and achieve the goals together.                          

    Our Mission

    To create, build and develop a community for all members to share experience, make connections and explore new opportunities through CoGo community.

    "The members’ success and prosperity will help CoGo to grow" - All CoGo’s activities and services will always focus on "the success and prosperity of our members".          




    Our Values: Trust - Passion - Sharing - Respect - Companion

    • Trust

    • Trust is the foundation of CoGo’s every single word and action. And we mean it!

    • Passion
    • CoGo employees are passionate to serve and support customers with all our hearts. We hope CoGo members can inspire each other, and always strive to help and support everyone to make a greater community.
    • Sharing
    • CoGo always listen to our customers, to understand their needs and improve ourselves for mutual benefits. With that in mind, we promise to bring plenty of events and meetings to CoGo, so that our members can share their experience, exchange knowledge, and get more collaboration opportunities.
    • Respect
    • CoGo respect every single member in our Community. We always respect your privacy, your opinions and your culture.
    • Companion
    • CoGo will always be your loyal companion. We believe that customer's issues are CoGo’s issues, thereby, we will support you to solve any problem and accompany you to success.