• 1. What is the cost for 4 people in CoGo Coworking space in compare with an traditional office?

  • 2. What is the cost for 10 people in CoGo coworking space in compare with an traditional office?

  • 3. How do CoGo membership packages and amenities look like?


  • 4. What time can I come to work at CoGo?

      We open from 08am to 07pm, Monday to Sunday at all CoGo centers.

      Members are allowed to choose any working spaces (common area or private office) and access to the office 24/7. However, to ensure convenience, Member's recommended to register with Community Manager before 5:00pm when want to work late (after 10:00pm)

  • 5. How do I want to work on weekends?

      Your card can access to every CoGo center 24/7. However, CoGo's staff is available from 08am to 07pm.

      If you require for using AC after working hours, please contact our Community Manager at least 24 hours in advance.

  • 6. What are the benefits of applying for work at CoGo?

      High-speed Internet Access: Your office is equipped with Ethernet and high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

      Conference room and online booking: You can book a meeting room online via website or app. Whenever you are, you can book a meeting room at any CoGo center with a few simple steps.

      Join the CoGo community: Meeting online other CoGo members. Sharing experiences, making questions, new product announcement etc. Inviting other member to join your event, receiving reports or having a cup of drink with others. CoGo community is a great network to connect with creativity businessmen and experts in various fields.

      Furniture: We provide full-equipped office with office devices.
      Print /Copy /Scan: There is at least 01 high speed printer/ photocopier/ scanner at every floor.

      Exciting and inclusive services: Beside audio Tele booth, pantry and resting area, you will soon find out CoGo office provides variety of relaxation devices

      Independent Event: CoGo is a community where leaders and entrepreneurs are gather together. Meeting new people has the same hobby as you and connect to other at weekend events or monthly event

  • 7. How can I apply for seats? What is different?

      CoGo offers 5 different package, including:

      Virtual office:

      You run an online business and you can make an appointment with customers at our centers.


      You can work at CoGo center 03 days in a month. This package is made for people who travel regularly or people who want to build their social network.

      Hot Desk:

      Working in common area. When you purchase a Hot Desk packkage, you can use the common seat at any CoGo center available. However, to make convenience, to inform Front Desk staff would be recommended so that we can serve more thoughtfully.

      This package allows you to join our member network, join the events and get benefit from our services. You are authoried to access the building 24/7 and free mothly uitilities.

      Dedicated Desk:

      An assigned desk is located in common area and you will share the space with others.

      This package allows you to join our member network, join the events and get benefit from our services. You are authoried to access the building 24/7 and free mothly uitilities.

      Private Office:

      This is a closed area and you need a key to enter the office. You can rent more if your firm is growing and expanding.

      This package allows you to join our member network, join the events and get benefit from our services. You are authoried to access the building 24/7 and free mothly uitilities. Every company employee is allowed to use working space and book for a meeting room.

      Besides, we provide A Day Pass for new client. You can do your work at our center and use every CoGo services for a day to try new working style at different level.

  • 8. Does CoGo have a courier service?

      Yes. Member need to fill a courier form, make a payment directly to supplier and register a company account with courier service.

      Please contact to our Community Manager for assistance.

  • 9. Can I invite guests to CoGo?

      Of course, the member needs to register the guest's names as well as the time before the arrival so that we can serve better. CoGo has the right to restrict visitors to visit or use the facilities outside of business hours.

      For further clarification, you can meet guests at the public space or register for a meeting room, CoGo restricts reception at the private office.

  • 10. How can I pay for a membership card?

      The invoice will be sent to your registered email address monthly.

      Private office/ Dedicated desk/ Hot Desk (Advanced Payment)

      First payment: If the agreement starts from 1st to 09th of the month, member is required to pay until the end of the month.

      If the agreement begins from 10th, member is required to pay for the remaining day of the month and the following month.

      Renewal fee: Monthly

      The fee for following month will be paid during day 20th to 25th of the month.

      Meeting room, printing/ copies:

      Member is required to pay before day 10th of the billing month for any meeting, copies that exceed the free limit of the previous month.

  • 11. What form of payment does CoGo accept?

      All forms of payment: Cash, credit card, bank transfer are accepted.

  • 12. Can I go to other offices in the CoGo chains to work?

      Your card is allowed to access to any CoGo centers. You can choose a suitable place to work or meet your customers. Show your card and register at Front Desk.

      All areas (lounge area, hot desk and other common area) are free for members. CoGo offices open 24/7 for customers to use.

  • 13. Can I transfer to other offices?

      If you are Associate member, you can work at every CoGo centers, just take your card with you to access to the office.

      If you are registered a Dedicaded Desk or you are a member in a private office, our Community Manager in your recent center will help you to connect with other CoGo centers. If you move the place, the original contract will be cancelled and you will be required for signing a new contract with new CoGo center. Prices are subjected to change.

  • 14. Can I lend my membership card? What if my card lost?

      No, you can’t lend your card member. We provide member cards for member only, it means you cannot lend, hand over or use by others.

      If your CoGo card is stolen or lost, you will need to pay for the reissued card fee and you are required to inform Community Manager to lock the previous card.

  • 15. How does member reserve a meeting room?

      You can make a reservation at Front Desk counter or via CoGo Community App.

      For further assistance, please contact to our Community Manager.

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