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  • Over the past 10 years, the coworking space model has become a new wind in the business community that has demand for office space. Why is this model popular and trendy?

    Global coworking space - the formation and development

    Over the past 10 years, the coworking space model has become a new wind in the business community that has demand for office space. Why is this model popular and trendy?

    The idea of building a common working model has come a long way from the traditional office. However, in 1995, the first common C-base model appeared, and in 2002, when wifi became popular and access the internet is easier, this place became a community space where people can work together, meet and exchange.

    Few years later, Brad Neuberg officially launched the first coworking space in San Francisco, providing facilities and organizing exchange activities. In 2003, this new concept attracted more than 100,000 members and reached 1,180,000 people by 2017.

    According to 2017 and 2018 research data of global and Asian area, the coworking space market will continue to grow at an average rate of nearly 50% per year. The number of centers operating this model in the world has increased from 8,700 to 13,800 over the three years from 2015 to 2017. The members is reached 1,180,000 by 2017 from 510,000 with growth rate of 41%.

    Coworking space is globally increasingly favored. 

    The coworking model is rapidly attracting not only startup enterprises, freelancers but also big names including Microsoft, Intel, Deutsche Bank and General Electric, etc.

    So what makes the coworking model so attractive?

    Creativity, encouragement and efficiency

    Surveys participants found that they felt more comfortable, happier, more creative when working in coworking spaces, their ability to think and concentrate significantly improved, and importantly they found balance between work and life.

    Coworkers also claimed that coworking positively influenced their lives. According to annual surveys conducted by Deskmag, an online magazine about coworking spaces, 62% says their work improved significantly, 71% claims that they are more creative, 68% say they are more focused, and 64% report that they can reach the work deadline better.

                                                                          CoGo Coworking space's atmosphere stimulates members' creativity. 

    More productive in work

    Most office workers spend at least 60% of their time in the office and it significantly disturbs their morale and performance. With its unique design and diverse community, coworking space brings a whole new inspiration, stimulates competition and promotes the growth of individuals and enterprises.

    Relationship expand

    As an open space it is, coworking space is "filled" by people working in multiple occupations in various fields, the coworking community helps members feel less lonely. The interaction between the members and more than a place to make friends and exchanges, new opportunities for cooperation and a favorable environment to turn the "friends" into customers, partners or investors.

    CoGo offers the opportunity to connect and cooperate among members.

    Collaboration - sharing

    Thanks to the collaborative working environment, members will have the opportunity to meet and interact with experts in various fields through workshops organized in common spaces or useful tips from business executives working in the coworking space

    Convenience and conforminy

    Researches show that factors that make companies and individuals choose coworking space is financial incentives and the need to promote collaboration and self-satisfaction. Coming to coworking space, member will not have any headaches with the cost of electricity, telephone bills, water bills, security fees, reception space. Coworking space rental payment covers all of these expenses under one bill, and that is the only bill you need to pay.


    CoGo's Private offices

    CoGo - a blow of fresh air in Vietnam Coworking space market

    In Vietnam, coworking space is on the rise, along with famous names such as Regus, Toong and Up etc,. 2018 promises to be a booming year for Vietnamese coworking space market with participations of new comers as nakedHub, CoGo and WeWork (the world No.1 20 billion USD-valued Coworking space).


    CoGo centers are located in A, B tier buildings at prime locations.

    Its competitive price and a "huge" 5 billion annual budget to support the startup enterprises in Vietnam is a highlight of CoGo's preferential policy when launched in June 2018

    CoGo - founded by the former founders of Tran Anh Digital World JSC., who have 15 years of experience in operating and managing Tran Anh Consumer Electronics Stores - will always stand side by side with members. We will consult members in business operations, financial management, human resources management, tax paperwork, legal or accounting.

    On the occasion of the official launching, CoGo offers Up To 11 Months Free of Rent promotion program (equivalent to 49% discount) to tenants signing contracts in July and August 2018 and always give 200 free working seats to support the startup businesses.
    CoGo Viet Tower - Level 3-4, No. 01 Thai Ha str., Dong Da dist., Hanoi
    CoGo TNR Tower - Level 16, No. 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh str., Dong Da dist., Hanoi
    CoGo Ho Guom Plaza - Level 12, No. 102 Tran Phu str., Ha Dong dist., Hanoi.
    Website: http://www.cogo.vn
    Hotline: 1900 1160

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